Who is constantly longing for sun, beach and sea, as a sailor dreams without interruption from the roaring ocean, you can already take a look fashionable companion to help. Trendy accessories this summer for vacation feelings and put us in the South.


shells we see this season in all sorts of Parts. Whether a Choker, anklet, belt, as appliqués on Shirts, or bags – they are everywhere an eye-catcher! With the marine accessories you closer to the ocean a piece. The longing for the sea breeze is not taken, but at least a bit satisfied.

basket bags

last year, they were not an indispensable part of summer fashion. Basket bags are the constant companion of Fashionistas. Anyone who has purchased last year is no should do that this summer. When you Pick the variant you have free choice. They are available in all editions: with leather applications, as a Bucket Bag or made of bamboo or wood. The bags are true all-rounders and make it to all of your Looks simply magnificent, whether as a loosening of the bulls Business Outfits or to hearted summer dress.

sun glasses chains

this Trend is coming back: We put in the summer on chains, the beautify of our sunglasses. The grandma Image has left this Look already longer behind itself. The chains have a clear advantage: The sunglasses can just get lost hard, or fall down and scratch. The chains are available in various metal or fabric versions.

hair jewelry

In the summer, we like it colorful and airy. But we also let in monkeys to heat the hair, because the mane is blowing in the Wind so beautiful. So the view is not marred by ragged strands, we resort to hair clips, the rush as a Savior in time of Need to help. It also has large variants with glitter may be stones, cool Patterns, or beads. Don’t be Shy, just have the courage to be real eye-catchers.