wide hips, short legs, small belly or big Boobs are female. Many women are not exactly these parts of the body, but often satisfied. You see them as problem areas, and try to get rid of. This must not necessarily be with the sweat from a hard workout, clothes can hide it some.

Black for a sleek Silhouette

The color Black is cheating the Silhouette is slim and flattering for her. So that the Whole seems to be barren, to put on colorful accessories. Real eye-catchers can spice up the otherwise somewhat boring Look.

A-line flatters

form-technically, the A-line cut creates a slim Silhouette. Tight-fitting pants and skirts are not always flattering, loose fit and clothing introduced. Let us narrow. An a-line skirt or dress can be a good choice, pants with flared legs are flattering.

belt for small waist

A broad belt on the waist set-on, creates a slim figure. For below, you should prefer to choose a thinner object, under the breast located, may it be for a slim waist but quite a bit bigger than the model.

a longitudinal strip of stretch

With stripes you can never go wrong. They are directed from the top to the bottom, then stretch. Who is not quite so and anything bigger will work, engages the longitudinal strip.

With high heels you bigger

As is the case with longitudinal stripes, shoes with heels greater. But only if it is narrow paragraphs. Thick, chunky heels are very advantageous and help to stretch the figure.

In case of big bust didn’t grab no curl clothing

if you are struggling with a large bust, should share in the loose top. The exactly the reverse effect: Instead of that it hides the big Tits, he makes it even bigger – and creates a wider Silhouette. Show what you have: Slim-cut Shirts made of soft fabrics that flatter a large bust. What helps in addition, bat sleeve and V-neck. Better the fingers should, however, of transverse strips or appliqués on the chest. These emphasize the wrong point.

High-Waist-pants with a small tummy

The Hide of a small Bäuchleins High-Waist to help pants. Stretch the legs and emphasize the waist. Suitable only loose models of narrow High-Waist-pants, such as Leggings, you should take a better distance.