Fashion historian Vasiliev was discharged from Kommunarka

Fashion historian, well-known TV presenter Alexander Vasilyev, were discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka after treatment for bilateral pneumonia.

Earlier it was reported that his test for coronavirus were negative.

"I’m home", – said Vasilyev on Tuesday, TASS reported.

The presenter previously told the Agency that on April 5 he had a cough, gradually raised the temperature. Vasiliev was treated with tea, lemon, ginger, soda, tincture of ginseng. Later called an ambulance, took the test, Vasilyev was taken to the hospital in Kommunarka, where the scan found bilateral lung inflammation. Speaking of hospitalization in the project, the presenter praised the work of doctors, medical staff and facilities.

Vasilev – the known theatrical artist, interior designer and art historian and fashion historian. Since 2008 he is sending "Fashion verdict".