Alexander Vasilyev, recover from coronavirus, finally recovered.

Released from the hospital Kommunarka, he departed put a two-week quarantine and slowly starts to work.

Of course, he, like all, has closely followed the evolution of the pandemic, however, including from a purely professional point of view.

“We all wear masks and gloves. Rubber gloves, as I noticed, mostly blue and dark blue colors. This will dictate a certain trend for many Flirty, fashionable women that go to town for groceries or walk their Pets. They will already be to look for accessories blue: a handkerchief or scarf on the neck, headpiece. In order to avoid cacophony in color. And how many original masks we saw and with flowers, and appliques, and rhinestones, like Philip Kirkorov.And Khokhloma mask painted under Gzhel, you’ll see,” – I quote his words

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev was discharged from the medical centre in Kommunarka, where he was treated for bilateral pneumonia.