Sometimes, there is no need for trendy and expensive brand parts, but just simple Basics to create a cool Look. Clearly, with It said-Pieces can spice up a simple Outfit. Basically, you design a Look, but with these nine ordinary, everyday Must-haves.


Currently, Trend tip number one and an absolute Must: the Blazer! With it you can create a Business Looks for work or a cool outfit for a night out with friends – what more could you want?


A well-fitting pair of Jeans, cool Sneakers, a floral Top and ready is the comfortable summer Look. And Jeans can also be used with Pumps combined, so they are good for fancy occasions or daily office life.

a white or black T-Shirt

A very simple T-Shirt without Prints is definitely in the wardrobe. Preferably in Black or White, so you can wear it to everything and every Situation is prepared.


not to forget Also the shirt is. Whether casual with Shorts or classy with a suit trousers, the blouse can be used at any occasion. Particularly practical it is gray in color because they fit Jeans in all tones.


A cool jumpsuit might not be to everyone’s taste, but the Jumpsuit but it fits for every occasion. The cheeky-elegant Mix is not only suitable for a Meeting or a barbecue in the evening, but also for a Date in a nice Restaurant.

knit sweater

How should bitter-cold winter days or cool summer evenings better than with a cozy knit sweater? The feel-good factor could not be higher than with this Must-have! And: With leather Leggings in Winter or a Cycling shorts said in the summer you can wear the favorite part anywhere.

MIDI skirt

you are Surfing the trend wave, and you do not dispense with a MIDI skirt! It is not enough all the way to the floor and gives a little more insight than a Maxi skirt. At the same time, he is not as short as the mini skirt that is not appropriate in the office. Thanks to the ankle length of the MIDI skirt, you can go from the office to the Bar, and neither over – are in both places, still underdressed.

The little Black

it Should go to a Party, is asked the famous little Black dress. It goes with everything, and a good Portion of gives also self-confidence.

leather jacket

A wardrobe without a leather jacket? Undoubtedly are a No-Go! The all-rounder not only fits to any Look, it has survived for decades, all Trends, and is therefore timeless. In addition, the jacket is water resistant, and can also Shine in the rain.