“We demand strict compliance with all technologies, if the product is sold as original. If this is not the original product, and some other, then it must be stated on the packaging. Then we will not accept this unfair competition”, – said the head of the Antimonopoly authority.

He explained that we are talking about the cases when foreign companies sell their goods on Russian markets, like the original, but its quality differs from the original, which is produced abroad and sold in European markets.

“we already Have a few antitrust cases instituted under article unfair competition, when in fact the company voluntarily or involuntarily produces its product for the original, but in fact it is not <…> cases of This kind in our country will always have a great response, and serious reputational risks for companies. Because in Russia, people with higher levels of education that can distinguish one from the other,” – said Igor Artemyev.

He noted that this is one of the areas that the Antimonopoly service considers as a priority, and will continue to work in this direction.

As previously reported, in early December, 2019 FAS by results of joint with CPS studies found that washing powders Ariel and Persil as well as chocolates Lindt, which are sold in Russia, differ in quality and composition from similar products abroad. Antitrust Agency gave manufacturers of these products alert that they started the production and sale in Russia of goods, identical in its characteristics to products, sold in Europe, either marked on the packaging labels that would tell consumers about the difference between quality indicators and conditions of use of the goods.