the Federal Antimonopoly service initiated proceedings on signs of violation of the law on protection of competition in respect of the Bank “FC Opening”.

the Bank has not performed in full amount and in time the warning of the Agency, issued because of a deterioration in the terms of interest calculation on savings accounts, depriving consumers of the ability to provide the benefits promised, according to the FAS.

In June, the service demanded from the Bank assessed the clients ‘ funds account “Cumulative” (which opened the account on March 2, 2019 February 20, 2020). Since the launch of this account the Bank has specified the maximum rate of 9%, emphasizing that this is the best deal on the market. Rate was used only with a 12-month finding funds in the account (in the first months rate starts from 4%), but you can use it are only those customers who opened the account on the first day (1 March 2019), and only in February 2020, after exactly 12 months, the Bank has lowered the maximum rate from 9% to 8%.