A survey by the farmers ‘ Association shows that 34 percent of the farmers was affected by the heat of the summer of 2018 with the record-breaking drought. Because many rivers and streams austrockneten, it came to supply bottlenecks. Therefore, the feed for the animals was scarce.

From this strong affected by the water poverty could conclude that many farms are not connected to the public network, but their own sources, say it in the on Thursday presented survey. “In dry years, this result apparently is not enough water.”

watering plants and resistant plants

The farmers ‘ Association is alarmed, because such dry increase periods in the coming years due to climate change, probably. And trying, to better adjust. With efficient irrigation systems, or with the cultivation of plants to cope with drought and heat better.

“In the past, in the case of plant breeding, the yield is important today rather, it is the resistance,” said farmers ‘ Union chief and CVP national councillor Markus Ritter (52) in the case of the presentation of the study.

the farmers also want to contribute to the reduction of CO2 Emissions – finally, 13 percent of all CO2 emissions in Switzerland come from agriculture. For example, the farmer’s Association wish to promote to increase in the future systems, in the fields of resource-saving irrigation. Or with special Feed ingredient for cattle to reduce the emission of methane.

“Can’t cast cows farts wholly”

The Supreme, Bauer knight, but you have to remember that agriculture can only be limited to green: “We will not be able to drive out the cows farts and burps completely.” Without a change in the habits of consumption and larger reductions in the area of milk and meat production would be nonsensical. “This is true to a certain extent, in General for agricultural production and their emissions.”

But knight also requires that the state pays more for any damage to the Fields and pastures. He calls premium subsidies for insurance against drought!

(Yet), no major crop failures due to drought

“Our survey shows that few companies have insurance against drought, because this is too expensive”, so the CVP-man. It was with the Swiss Federal office for agriculture in an interview. Goal: to reduce the cost of such insurance solutions in the context of the development of agricultural policy.

Piquant about it: The farmers ‘ Association is calling for further state support, although he himself says that “the drought has not yet led to major crop failures”.

other than drought or Frost insurance against hail and elementary are widely used damage already today. Only about every fifth farmer reported to have no insurance. The survey 2507 farmers took part.