the cattle dealer Thomas Willms (48) is currently in “Bauer sucht Frau Germany” in search of the big love. With his Mohawk and his Tattoos, he is nothing like the typical “RTL”-Bauer. His chosen Bianca (44) like his special look and you may visit on Monday evening for the first time to be at home. What you don’t know: The farmer carries a dark secret.

in addition to his cattle the farmer has breeding is also a passion for horses. This was the “horse Whisperer” but for the doom, as he tells of the “image”. In 1995 Willms experienced a true tragedy. A brutal animal abusers had it apart at the time, on his Mare Whitney. While he slept, massacred the offender his Whitney and cut off your whole leg. Until today, debt-to torment the peasants feelings.

“Only because I was drunk lying in bed, was able to kill this madman is my Whitney”

“While I have my noise sleep, has caught the horse Ripper my horse, Whitney. Has your separated, a full leg, which was a Drama, like in a horror movie,” says the farmer. Noticed he got nothing out of it. “In the morning you could get me barely awake as I came to, there were police, a veterinarian and Notschlachter already there,” is how he describes the scene. The pet killer was never caught.

Willms is a complicity in the death of his animal: “What I have against me to this day: Whitney had to suffer two hours longer, because I had my noise still sleep,” he admits. All have been waiting for a decision – but one that was essential. “The Notschlachter but wanted to wait until I was there,” he says, “I should decide. There was nothing to do anymore. I could not help her. Just because I was drunk in bed, was able to massacre this crazy Ripper my Whitney. Therefore, I swore that to happen to me ever again.” For this reason, the farmer is 24 years of abstinence. “I’ll drink to that since then, no more alcohol,” he explains. (bsn)