When TV 2 on Friday, kicks off the run-up to the popular datingprogram ‘Farmer looking for love’, then it becomes in the first place without Lene Beier.

But perhaps there is a surprise in store?

Friday night will be the new season’s participants of the ‘Farmer looking for love’ featured on the TV 2 in order to get suitors to respond with applications for participation, when filming starts up to may. Host Lene Beier, however, will not be present in the connection.

“I have not met them yet and is also not in the presentation, but I’m jumping forward with the letters to the participants during the filming. It feels more genuine, that we first meet in the situation,” says the 42-year-old Lene Beier, who is ready for 7. season of the popular datingprogram.

After six seasons with men in the lead roles, hope the programme’s editor, Mike Volck, that it now will manage to find a female farmer.

“We adjust and optimize our programs each and every year, so they will be even better – but in the year we put everything into trying to find a woman. We have tried it many times before, but this year, we hope really, that it can succeed,” he said last autumn, to TV 2 News.

it is managed to get a female farmer to put up, will show up Friday night. 21.55 on the TV 2.

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