the first Region in the country has created a digital platform for electronic document management in agriculture. Today, about three thousand of the Altai farms are working on this platform, processing electronic documents for subsidies.

the Ministry of agriculture of Russia on the basis of the Altai experience is developing a common digital platform for all farmers of the country. On Altai have gone on, and on existing information platform, called “Respak”, make new functions. Farmers will be able to record lands, and to make passports of fields, to participate in interactive consultation and to get acquainted with the novelties of agricultural machinery and technologies right in your smartphone.

In the future this service is planning to integrate with resources that allow farmers direct access to trading platforms and online to purchase equipment, seeds, fertilizer and to sell their products.

– today We are actively developing the platform “Respec”, which moderates the regional Ministry of agriculture, – told “RG” the Minister of digital technologies and communications of Altai Krai Yevgeny Zrumov. – In the near future there will appear the service of online counselling and will be offered a showcase of the best technological and digital solutions. And in early June launched a mobile application that will allow you to synchronize the work of farmers and beekeepers.

Connecting to site “Respak”, more than 150 beekeepers of the region will advance to alert about the upcoming processing of farmland.

In the regional Ministry of agriculture hope that smartphones with such a program will be a good protection for honey insects.

Internet service providers are working to create in the edge of the area for testing such digital services as “Clever farm”, “Smart stage”, such that farms could adopt. Many Altai farmers are already not the first year of use of systems for remote positioning of agricultural machinery, systems of control over the economy. Hereditary farmer from the Mikhailovsky district of Nikita Kozhanov said that digital technologies mainly develops youth. “The older generation they are difficult. The problem is in the fact that we offer individual elements of digitalization, to combine that into a single system is difficult and expensive. Therefore, we count on the project of digitalization of agriculture, state support in the implementation of digital technology and personnel training,” he says.

to help farmers to understand digital innovations, in the Altai region have organized special courses that teach farmers how to use information technology to increase yields, optimize costs, to organize the accounting in the economy. According to the chief of regional management on work and population employment Hopes Kapoor, for agricultural enterprises the training of employees absolutely for free.

Courses for older people organized by the national project “Demography” and is financed from the budget.

With the support of the heads of households are willing to learn, and to improve the skills of their employees, but expect that this assistance in the development of digital technologies is not limited. Because agriculture with elements of precision farming, modern electronic services and equipment is worth money. Not every farmer such expenses under force. However, while even the pilot farms, which are early adopters of digital technologies, additional government support is not promising.

In the regional Ministry of agriculture believe that a transition to “figure” it gives farmers significant benefits. “By implementing such technologies and acquiring specialized equipment, farms receive a significant savings of resources, reduce production costs and reduce the cost of production. So talking about the additional assistance would not be quite correct. On the contrary, optimization of production processes and improving the efficiency of agriculture should lead to a gradual decline in state support,” – said Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Altai Krai, Nikolai halin.

According to Vice-Governor Alexander Lukyanov for the acquisition of modern technology farmers are today actively use existing support measures – discounts on domestic farm machinery and subsidized loans. “Last year, the economy of the province sent to technical re-equipment record amount of investments – 7,5 billion roubles. Due to subsidized discount they saved more than a billion rubles. This year the farmers continue to increase the volume of modernization in the first quarter of purchased equipment on 1.75 billion. This is half a billion more than in the first quarter of 2019 year,” he said.

In 2020 the Ministry of agriculture has allocated for support of agriculture of the Altai territory about 2.7 billion rubles, of which more than 1.3 billion local farmers have already received compensation and incentive subsidies. In addition, Altai farmers in four months 2020 issued more than 5.3 billion rubles of soft loans at a rate of one to five percent per annum.