Farewell to academician Valentin Janina

And this world, and he has created himself.

the Son of a medical doctor and teacher, grandson of the repressed grandfather, head of the collective apiary of the now vanished village near Moscow Icodin, arrested, denounced by envious countrymen… In December 2008, Valentin Lavrent’evich said in an interview recently departed Lev Anninsky, “a Terrible century has been. And for our family too. My grandfather raked in the thirty-seventh year, he died in the camp.

And father?

the Father was chief medical officer of the Orekhovo-Zuyevo district. Hit in the hit list. He was saved by two women: deleted from one list and pasted into another. Of the firing in exile…”

Photo: Konstantin Chalabov/RIA Novosti Academician told about was found in Veliky Novgorod birch bark

the Exiled list is also, by some miracle, didn’t work. In 1938, Lawrence V. Yanin was transferred to work in Moscow, in the all. And his son came in 1946 at the historical faculty of Moscow state University.

And a year later came to the Novgorod region, which has become by destiny.

in the Summer of 2009 Valentin Lavrent’evich told me about a rebirth on the banks of the Volkhov: “True birthday occurs when a person finds their path in life. This happened to me in 1947, when, fascinated by the lectures of Artemiy Vladimirovich Artsikhovsky, I first came to Novgorod and all the life in this city.”

In these happily met in his youth grounds – the history faculty of the Moscow and Novgorod, the historic space was built Yanin your amazing scientific world. Built a long time, my entire adult life: from 1962 he was the head of the Novgorod archaeological expedition of nearly forty years he headed the Department of archaeology in the history Department (Moscow state University). The legacy of his mmonumentale: among other things, irrefutably proves it is hurt when some high school history of the Communist party techies that history is science and science is very serious and requires every respect.

And he was a brilliant educator and popularizer of historical knowledge. Valentin Lavrent’evich was the last of the living, who on July 26, 1951 was personally present at the discovery of the first birch bark (found them today already more than 1100). 14 years have passed, and in 1965 saw the publication of his little book, “I sent you bark…”.

Swallowing her in one gulp, many young people chose the profession of historian.

Birch-bark scroll from the findings of the Novgorod archaeological expedition of the late 1990-ies.

the Amazing world of Ioannina was multi-layered and deep, it was a place and an authentic immersion into the life of ancient Novgorod, and the widest erudition, and unique internal culture. The language of birch bark letters are inimitably blended with the style of the beloved Konstantin Paustovsky, a long past in the breaking of sharp and ironic mind of the academician as at home was getting closer.

after Greeting Valentin Lavrent’evich, the man of the XXI century they learned that the Pushkin era, it was closer. Anenska the theory of three degrees of separation explained that one of his science teachers, a well-known numismatist, Chamberlain Alexander Sievers (1866 – 1954) in his childhood used to sit on the lap of the last Chancellor of the Russian Empire, Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov, Lyceum friend of Alexander. And it turned out that to ancient Novgorod, most of those handshakes is not so much.

Photo: RIA Novosti www.ria.ru As Valentin Yanin heard Russian The middle ages

Good anenska the irony was killer when it came to the creations of a variety of counterfeiters, which in the field of ancient history has always been grazing a lot. In the difficult 1990s, Valentin Lavrent’evich and his loyal colleague in the world Novgorod, academician Andrei Zaliznyak (1935 – 2017) unleashed its heavy artillery on the scientific writings of the notorious Fomenko, who in some places began to teach under the guise of history even in military schools.

Here is how the transfer of Ioannina was his speech at the Academic Council of Moscow state University: “In my youth was a very popular book by Jaroslav Hasek about the adventures of the good soldier Schweik. There in the process, švejk gets into a crazy house and there met with one patient, posing as a Professor who argued that the inside of the globe is a different globe, more outdoor. Acquainted with the writings of Fomenko, I feel Schweik, trapped in the house for the insane”.

Every meeting with this amazing charming person, even the shortest, when he hurriedly managed to tell the freshest anecdote, invariably turned into a small celebration. February 6, 2020, the 91st birthday of Valentin Lavrent’evich, his body was laid to rest in the beginning of the Christmas old cemetery in Novgorod. But the unique world created by academician Yanin, will remain with us.