Leading Euroskeptic Nigel Farage has issued a stark warning to Brexiteers, advising that the UK will not successfully be able to break free from the European Union if London does a deal with Brussels this year.

Farage has warned Leave voters that they are likely to be left furious when the Brexit transition period draws to a close on January 1, 2021, because exiting the bloc would not be the “true freedom” that they have “fought for decades.”

The Brexit Party leader said that the Withdrawal Agreement that the British government agreed with Brussels will never leave the UK “free,” and noted that Britain will still be in hock to the union in areas such as state aid.

“My own guess is that a deal will be reached in the coming months but one in which we have continued financial liabilities through the European Investment Bank and one in which we will not truly be free in areas such as state aid,” Farage wrote in the Express newspaper.  

“The year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year we finally left the European Union, but the final shape of our withdrawal looks unlikely to be the true freedom that many of us had fought for for decades,” he added.

The politician previously panned Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, blasting it as “not Brexit” and a reheated version of the agreement reached by Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May.

“It was clear that this deal was little better than Mrs May’s. Not only was Northern Ireland to become a different entity, but the European Court of Justice would have a continued say in British public life,” he said.

Despite this opposition, Farage stood down Brexit Party candidates in last year’s UK general election in a boon to Johnson’s Conservative Party. The Euroskeptic said it was better to back Johnson than allow a second referendum to take place.

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