For seven years, Pepe Lienhard inhabited in the woman field together with wife Christine, ten chickens, two rabbits, and the old German shepherd dog Garou, a dream house with large garden, idyllic seats and a gold fish pond.

“For the flowers primarily, Christine is responsible. I help her but in the process of moulding and mow the lawn,” says the 73-Year-old. Major work in the garden, leaving the couple a gardener. Rather, the world-famous Swiss Bandleader and musician does not enjoy with his wife the house and garden when he is with his Band or musical projects works.

Commute for friend Udo Jürgens

Currently, Lienhard, shuttling almost daily between Thun and Mrs field for the Musical “ICH war noch niemals in New York”, with Hits of his deceased friend Udo Jürgens. During 37 years Pepe Lienhard was with his Band Udo Jürgens’ musical tour-companion, but also his close friend.

“For the lake of Thun games, I’m a musical consultant for the Musical. Of course, many memories of Udo come up there. He is missing to me still,” says Pepe Lienhard in an Interview with LOOK. For his friend and the Musical with the unforgettable Udo-Jürgens-Hits Pepe takes the long way to the tuna itself. “In the evening I am always home. Our house is an oasis of well-being. Here I can refuel and enjoy whenever possible the time with Christine.”

From the Zurich city apartment to the Thurgau farmhouse

The renovated farmhouse from the year 1740 inhabit Christine and Pepe Lienhard since 2011. Before that, the couple lived in an apartment in the city of Zurich. “We had looked around a spacious house in the heart of Zurich. But all corresponded to our notions, were of priceless real estate,” says Lienhard. Wife Christine was there, saw the six-room farmhouse with chicken coop and barn, and finally on the Internet. “I have been intrigued by old Flarzhäuser with its thick walls since I was a child,” she says.

Already at the first visit to Pepe and Christine were excited about the Bijou in the rural district short village. “Our predecessor has renovated the house with much attention to Detail,” says the musician. The old doors and locks, for example, in the main house. Prior to this, the strong need of renovation, the farmhouse stood empty for several years until a buyer was found who took the comprehensive renovation work on yourself. “We were lucky. The bar house was so successful, and lovingly renovated, that we have made only minor adjustments in the house and garden.”

So Christine and Pepe Lienhard have created, where in previous years, a son of stock stand on the property, a gold fish pond. In the renovated barn is a cosy and spacious TV lounge, Pepes music room with office and a small library, as well as his extensive panel, and note collection.

In the main house is the office of Christine, who is involved with a lot of heart and soul for years for the Foundation and joy of life for the benefit of elderly and demented people. “Christine and I with our animals have enough space. Everyone here has his own realm to Work in,” says Lienhard. As a Villa, the much-travelled musician does not see his house. “I don’t need to live in a luxury house, but like living with Christine in our loving home surrounded by nature. The grounding, and I can refuel at home energy.”

many Years of career and no end in sight

1. August, the national holiday, celebrating the successful Swiss musicians in St. Moritz, GR 50-year professional anniversary with a free concert for the population. After that, other projects are waiting for Pepe Lienhard and his Big Band. For example, the public concerts of his tour program, “World of Music” on may 19. September in Vaduz (FL) and on 22. September at the KKL Luzern.

The big musical breakthrough Pepe Lienhard 1977 succeeded with his former professional sextet at the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. With the title “Swiss Lady” reached Pepe with his Band the sixth place. Eight weeks the Song topped the Swiss charts and was also represented in various European charts. In 1980, the native of Aargau, founded his Big Band. With world stars such as Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Paul Anka, Ute Lemper, Quincy Jones, and, of course, with his friend Udo Jürgens and Pepe Lienhard experienced in his long career, the unforgettable musical highlights.