Experts have warned about the popular schemes of fraud for online purchases. To attract the attention of fraudsters often exhibit attractive goods but pay for them on the website is impossible. “Seller” refers to a technical failure and sends a link for payment support. The transition sends it to a malicious resource that infect gadgets with a virus or steal your credit card information.

“Goods at very low prices, too, are often a way to lure money from the buyers. Especially, if the communication is specified, only mail or phone number with the clarification that ready to communicate only via messenger. After payment the customer receives a link to a fake website of the delivery service. While the product itself does not receive, and the money spent on card fraud” – citing experts, writes RIA Novosti.

the Main Board to fans of Internet-stores – to look carefully at the websites: if something is in doubt, it is better not to buy anything. Not be amiss and call the hotline of the manufacturer of goods or the shop to ask questions about the web resource.