The fear is that the measures taken in order to further the spread of the corona virus to go on much longer, it will take up to 5 april. And I also have the recordings of the new episodes of the tv soap operas < / I> Home, and Family is at risk. There are a lot of questions and few answers. “I think it will stop for the season on april 17,” said Kurt, He is in all .

now, In concert, decided to get the VTM and the VRT for the remainder of their soap operas < / I> Family, and Home, to be silent, to submit, to the 3rd of april. Of the two series, there are still plenty of episodes to get up to the 17th of april, to be able to send, and then wait for the big nothing. According to the actor, Kurt Rogiers, it is reasonable to assume that the fans of the soaps after a long time without a new episode will be.

“It all depends on when the pictures are allowed to resume,” he says, in all . “If I were Marc Van Ranst may be to believe, I think, is that it’s not right, it is. My gut says that the second season of Home, and Family on the 17th of april, it will stop.”

Hans-Rays, the production of Home , they dare not make any statements about the resumption of the recording. “Our team is in trained in the planning, we are constantly adapting and after an unexpected event, such as an actor who has a bone to break. So as we go through the corona to go on a puzzle, and everything will be all right.”

now, The question is whether there are any new episodes, we are able to apply for the Blocks and the Farmer seeks Wife. Also, saying that the transmitters do not know what it is. For the fans, there is nothing to be afraid of to be seen.

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