Famous K pop group did not survive the pandemic coronavirus and collapsed

a Famous Korean girls band Girls’ Alert collapsed because of the pandemic coronavirus. Reported by the Mirror on Friday, April 24.

“due to the effects of COVID-19 and other various circumstances of the situation in our company have deteriorated, and because we can no longer support Girls’ Alert,” said the producers from the Roots Entertainment, which created the team. The statement noted that the members of K-pop group to pursue a solo career, but will no longer be part of Girls’ Alert.

Music band debuted with the single, Dreamgirls in 2017. In the part of the Girls’ Alert had five participants. It is noted that in February 2020, the team entered the list of 50 best K-pop groups.

Earlier on Friday it was reported that The Rolling Stones for the first time in eight years, released a song and dedicated it to pandemic coronavirus.