the Family of Radford (Radford) from the UK with 22 children came up with a way to brighten up the regime of isolation imposed over coronavirus: they built together in your garden of water Park and Playground. About it reports on Sunday, may 10 edition of the Mirror.

sue and Noel Radford have bought a former nursing home in Morecambe for more than 15 years ago and keep it in perfect condition. During the quarantine, they completely rebuilt the garden in the courtyard of the building. According to the couple, it took a lot of effort, but the process was family fun, as it took part in almost everything. As writes the edition, even a two year old son Archie was “armed with a broom.”

For 48 hours Radford managed to create a water Park and Playground, which includes swings, slides, climbing frame and mud kitchen. In addition, on site there are special recreation areas in the form of teepees.

the 22nd child in the family the Radford appeared on 6 April 2020. At birth the baby weighed 3.2 kg. In conversation with reporters, sue Radford admitted that she was scared to give birth during a pandemic COVID-19.

the Large family lives in the English town of Morecambe in the house with ten bedrooms. Their oldest son, Christopher 31. He and his 26-year-old sister, Sophie, lives separately from parents. Sophie already has children — two daughters and a son.