“What don’t learn old dogs, learning, Hans, take more”, says a proverb. When it comes to the national Council’s Education Committee, the: yesterday scuttled a proposal from the SP national councillor Matthias Aebischer (50), demanded that children should be encouraged from birth.

VIEW white: It was, of all things, education policy-makers of the self-appointed family party CVP, have rejected the proposal. Their official justification, the concern for “non-holistic” to be addressed, sounds esoteric. And, with A specific assistance – has been discussed a start-up financing for cantonal projects would cause additional cost or at the expense of today’s children and youth promotion.

The Soft early

This means young children are the CVP of less value than young people. While education experts agree that the course for the future in the early childhood years, and not from the kindergarten age. Who wants that all children have at school entry have the same chance of success, must early ensure. Especially in the case of those children whose parents can promote them for financial or social reasons, less.

Whether a family can afford a place in a kindergarten or regular visits in a group depends on the Canton of Residence and the municipality. Children in families living at the poverty line, remain on the track. The result is that a five year old can still wear diapers or not even a somersault strike, such as kindergarten reports. These children would be promoted earlier, you could start without these deficits.

Still, the CVP has a Chance

It is not, however, lost everything, thanks to a request from the SP-Nationalrat Adrian Wüthrich (38) has submitted, and the support of the FDP-politician, the national Council on the proposal. “Then the CVP has a Chance to take one for the family party,” says Wüthrich.