the Moscow Directorate for development of cultural centers is launching an online contest. The application period will last from may 20 to June 21, said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

Creative projects you can imagine. It could be drawing, photography, crafts, dance, music composition, staging, video or literary work. The organizers do not limit the creative potential of the participants. For example, an image can be performed in any technique, creating a landscape, portrait, still life or any kind of narrative painting, and in the category “Crafts” — to make a sculpture from clay, embroidered cloth, painted box and more. Designed to provide parents with the robot or the layout of the building the children are in the category “Product”.

According to her, within each category, the organizers prepared. For example, learn how to properly expose the light when taking pictures and making spectacular shots on the lesson, “From theory to practice”, it will hold a Studio photographer of the Palace of culture “Kapotnya” Ivan Trukhanov. And at the master class on the art of elocution actors theater Zerno have learned to manage the voice system of Konstantin Stanislavsky. Free virtual creative classes available on the nominations page on the contest website.

to participate in the contest, the family must choose a team leader, to choose a project and register it from may 20 to June 21. The application will need to obtain a passport project name, a category, team and what part of the work was done by each of the participants, and prepare a presentation of five slides. Next you need to attach an electronic version of a creative project (or projects) — a text file, if it is a literary work; the video if it’s a dance or musical composition. DIY you can take a picture or shoot video of the stages of work on them. Step-by-step instructions for applying and answers to most common questions posted on the contest website.

From 21 June to 5 July, the jury headed by the artistic Director of the Moscow academic theater of satire, Sergeant, “Capital workshops of culture,” people’s artist of the RSFSR Alexander Sirvintai six criteria. It is common to all the degree of involvement of each team member, creativity, work and quality performance, as well as three specific criteria for each category. The project team can get a maximum of 60 points.

the Results will be published on the official website of the contest “Urban family art workshop” on July 8, the Day of family, love and fidelity. All participants will receive diplomas from the Moscow Department for the development of cultural centers, and families whose projects will score the most points, the awart gifts from partners. In particular, the winners in the nomination “Literary work” will be able to publish the book. Also waiting for the best gift certificates, books and more.

get all the details in the section “the regulations”.

Despite the fact that many institutions are temporarily closed for visitors, the cultural life of Moscow continues online. Programs for those who remain at home making the city libraries, museums, galleries, parks and other cultural sites. And the townspeople not miss the brightest event has launched a special project “Culture of Moscow online”. In one place dozens of concerts, performances, tours, lectures and light shows.

in addition, the city Committee for tourism with cultural sites launched the project #Mosqueteros. With it, you can see permanent and temporary exhibitions of different museums.