Family 20 years of playing the lottery with some numbers and hit the jackpot

Family of Australian cities Drank hit the jackpot in the lottery due to the fact that 20 years have used the same set of numbers. This publication reports the UPI.

the couple purchased the lottery ticket to the lottery which was held on Saturday, April 11. They entered the same numbers that were used since then, as their children were born, about 20 years ago.

the Numbers in the ticket matched all winning numbers, and the pair won the prize of 400 thousand Australian dollars (19.6 million).

“When I came to check the ticket, the store Manager told me he wants to talk to me personally. I thought I had problems,” recalled the woman.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of Sydney, Australia, ten years have entered the lottery the same numbers and won a million Australian dollars (49 million). The money it plans to spend on mortgage repayments.