shock for Annina Frey (38): the weekend ended in the posh ski resort of St. Moritz GR with an accident-Drama. As the Ex-SRF-posts woman on Instagram, she had to be even transported by the rescue sled. Diagnosis: partial demolition of the front of the biceps muscle.

What had happened? “It was a bad fall while snowboarding,” she says to VIEW. “I drove in reverse down the mountain on the downhill run – and I have tilted.”

self-irony on Instagram

Later, then the moderator posts a picture with you and cover agiertem Arm and a couple of Friends in front of the Ferris wheel in the Indian Bachelor Party and gives the all-clear. “All right, have a great weekend. I’ll survive,” says Frey. And again with a pinch of self-irony, she adds: “welldone girl – well done, girl!”

However, the girl from Basel, Switzerland must now conserve. “Actually a foreign word for me,” she sighs to VIEW. “But I’m pretty slowed down. I need to make the Arm completely quiet.” (wyt)