It is a popular festival in the Canton of Vaud, as FC Basel will compete in the Cup in Pully, and in spite of a number of relatively loose with 4:1 win. A from: coach Marcel Koller (58) is a serious home injured, his assistant Carlos Bernegger and Thomas Janeschitz lead the Team.

Friday evening, all Happens as Koller wants to take a break. After the press conference in front of the Cupspiel he jumps onto his bike, wants to ride around for an hour on a hill and then down. “Jogging not to let my injured knee,” he said once already in Vienna as the Austrian national coach, he was therefore often on the bike.

At the time of departure, it happens in the middle of the forest: In the vicinity of a barbecue shred glass body shards, the tires of Koller. The Basel coach crash with about 40 kilometers an hour is difficult.

“could Have been even worse”

His left side of the body is scraped, his collarbone broken, his shoulder dislocated, and the ligaments destroyed.

And yet he has a blessing in disguise. Koller falls fully on the head. He wears a helmet prevented a nasty injury to the head. “It could have turned out worse if I had worn a helmet,” says Koller.

As the coach is alone in the woods, drags it hurt a few hundred meters further to get to a place where it is possible to get him a car. He was alerted by telephone to his assistant Thomas Janeschitz, because this is familiar from previous common Velo-place. Janeschitz driving his head coach to go to the hospital, where Koller is x-rayed and the injury be established.

< p > Operation threatens

“I have extreme pain,” says Koller. He was allowed to leave the hospital for the time being and may stay at home, but it can also go the day after the fall barely. The game against the Pully, he had already prepared and was able to give his thoughts on the wizard more.

However, as long as Koller is now? The FC Basel next week away to Xamax. Koller is unsure if he can then stand again in the line. It is an Operation threatens him.

The elimination in the Champions League qualifiers against LASK and a discovered brain aneurysm at striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel, is between six and twelve months. And now a horror crash of the Trainer – FC Basel has been a week to Forget behind.