For the first Time the manufacturers from Holland hidden in the technical specifications of the new fair phone 3 is not somewhere in the press text, but puts you at the very beginning. The new Smartphone will have a 5.7-inch Screen, a 3000 mAh battery, the switch, the Snapdragon 632 processor with 4 GB of memory, expandable to 64-GB of memory and a modern camera system with 12 Megapixel.

With Dual-Sim, fingerprint scanner and Android 9 operating system to the specifications of the new smartphone are still not really impressive, but also not so that you can deter the technology to interested buyers the same. So, it was paid attention especially on a good quality Camera, because this is expected by users, easy.

The goal of the manufacturer is, but still, a mobile phone offer that is as fair as possible and sustainable. With the advances in technology, the fairphone is supposed to be in all respects an Alternative to the popular models of the major manufacturers. Even if you have to continue to compromise. So the Design is aligned approximately on the robustness and durability and not on elegance.

How fair is the fair phone is> really,

You will quickly realize that it is not so easy, a fair Smartphone. There are countless job sites: for example, in the raw materials or working conditions. And Fairphone is dependent on suppliers and factory in China. Finally, the phone should remain reasonably affordable.

step-by-step, the brand from Holland approaches the ideal condition. The fair phone 3 is in terms of sustainability and environmental protection is currently the measure of all things. In the final Assembly in China, for example, a Bonus for the workers will be paid, in order to raise the wages to a life-sustaining level. This is invested in the safety and health of employees.

New’s Fairtrade Gold, cobalt

coming soon In the raw materials uses fair phone on responsible and conflict-free trade of Tin and tungsten, recycled copper, and plastic, as well as Fairtrade Gold. Next better sources for cobalt are integrated into the supply chain.

But the user should be the unit of sustainable use, and for as long as possible. So, you can switch the case of the fair phone 3 of the battery without much effort. Even otherwise the device is modular. A camera module, for example, people can buy and install. The manufacturer promises a reduction in CO2 emissions of 30 per cent.

The new model, you can from the 3. September buy, in Switzerland at Digitec. The price is 519 Swiss francs.