Dortmund Nothing turns a little more. Merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels and bumper cars are dismantled in storage areas and warehouses.

The Corona-crisis has also caught the showman as a hit when you can throw. The Send in Münster, the palm fair in Recklinghausen, the Easter fair in Dortmund and Hagen, a number of smaller markets all cancelled. 2.5 million carnival visitors in the Region to stay home, the Fair-coffers empty.

Patrick Arens (52) from Dortmund, is President of the German Association of showmen (3000 members), to be a family business since 1847, is in the business: “We are not whining and we are not asking for. But such a Situation we have never had. Even in war it was Fair.“

now 80 000 euros, the industry lacked a total of about 70 million euros, he estimates. Arens: “Many of the showmen not hold out long.”

► made by his colleague Adolf Hirsch (66) gets the crisis, not only financially. The good weather of the past few days, his mood still further to fall: “The sun is shining and not a Funfair. Since I’m sick, I’m on the soul. Just after the long winter break.“