sustainability and the Zero Waste movement have long since become a Trend that affects us in more and more areas in our lives. In addition to our weekly shopping, the products in our bathroom and the Outdoor picnic, beats, the wave just in time for wedding season, even on their own marriage. Pinterest recorded in the search for sustainable wedding ideas-a rise of 181 per cent – Bravo for that! As a reward for the good will we accept a piece of research work and reveal six tips that the big day is also to a great role model for the guests.

1. A sustainable plan

trash, you can not avoid until the wedding day. Anyone who is planning to green, dispensed with wedding magazines, torn-out catalog pages and tons of paper material of wedding fairs (let’s be honest, the eh are rarely pretty and/or useful), and to rise from the outset to our friend the Internet. With Boards on Pinterest everything stays nice and organized and garbage free and Inspiration there is to the hilt.

2. Location concerns

Granted, a wedding on the beach in Ibiza also triggers in us immediately daydreams. But: does a romantic forest wedding or the casual relaxed atmosphere at the Celebration in the Park even without the CO2 to push the balance by the arrival of the guests to new heights. Even better it gets when a place is chosen that is accessible for the majority of friends and family easily and on short routes and maybe even an eye on the environment throws. Bio-Hotels or farms are pioneers in the field.

3. Guests will include

, Who informed his guests about the sustainability of the thoughts of his wedding, is an important step in the right direction. The easiest way is with a note directly on the invitation. So gifts with unnecessary plastic packaging, wedding games, which will produce a lot of garbage and touches such as soap bubbles or Confetti from the outset be avoided.

4. Alternatives require

Yes, it is nice to see after the ceremony hundreds of balloons rise into the sky – the consequences for the environment should, however, be definitely dispensed with such unnecessary waste factors. Who doesn’t get by without a little fanfare, you can change to Eco-Confetti. At straws for Drinks, you should also pay attention to the use of models made of paper or a few persons, glass or stainless steel. As a small attention for the guests, edible, in glass-packaged gifts such as liquor, tea, or jam (Shhh are especially suitable, the former is particularly good).

5. In the case of the decoration

to think In the best case, we marry only once in life. Accordingly, it makes little sense, tablecloths, Placemats and other decorative materials in large quantities to buy, only to then over the years in the basement gathering dust. On portals such as Etsy, the most you can for little money to rent. Who will not find it, you can ask married couples, whether you have decorations of your own to spare, or see if there are Second-hand deals. And: Even in nature there is a rich decoration Offered for free. Table numbers on wooden discs or place cards at fir what for the eye and for Certain pins.

6. Outfit to borrow

“Something old, Something new, something borrowed, something blue” – the English wedding custom, to bring the wedding couple luck, is also widely used in us. The blue and the old part can not be borrowed, but says no one. Who would not want to be stuck back at the dress, look for shoes, and jewelry, whether or not he can Dodge on family heirlooms or parts of the friends. The mixture is stirred to tears and saves resources.

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