And the result predicted has been achieved, but still with the all record. But who needs such a record matches? We resumed the drawing in order to observe the pre-planned massacre of the innocents?

Okay, let’s say the leaders of the “Sochi”, confidently settled somewhere in the area of transition (now cancelled matches), ignoring the laws of Fair Play. What is something you know the club, dreaming to remain in the Premier League. But only in some. Not approve of his solid refusal to move the game. We should not forget about charity. Perhaps, for many years the fans and players will remember, looking at some other unworthy of their attention the game: well this is like that time in Sochi.

the day was chosen for the postponement. And this regular match in any case wouldn’t seem like the semi-finals of the Champions League. But the management of the club “Sochi” firmly stood his ground: no hyphenation.

I Understand that this gentleman, whom neither on the field nor in the offices, where the decision to play at any cost, was not observed. But in tennis, if a strong player beats a weak with a score of 5:0, he sometimes raises his hand before serving and gives the game away. Let there be at least 6:1, and not a complete rout.

didn’t want to deceive fans who bought tickets? But look at the screen is enough to understand: in the stands are unlikely to have accumulated those four thousand to whom had been permitted to attend the match. And those that came, saw football, which would be better for them never to see. The truth is they, not the players”Sochi”, which broke the record of performance in the match with juniors who have demonstrated a true understanding of football. Applauded Rostov boys during the game, and when the best player of the match was voted goalkeeper Denis Popov, reflected the 11-meter and has made half a dozen saves, acclaimed 17-year-old boy.

Struck by the comment of coach “Sochi” Fedotov. After the game, he actually blamed themselves artists. And once again remembered that if I decided to play so you have to play. Is the coach still don’t understand what pandemic? If you do not understand – or did not want to understand it and explain it is useless. It is too late.

But God bless him, with a coach. Very, very strange that the management of RPL, despite requests to postpone the match, to put it, went on a purely formal principle. But only a formal and not athletic. According to the regulations you can, then you can. Only not in the rules it was provided that the coronavirus with such force attacking football “Rostov”. Well, where and what was shown common sense?

In my opinion, we retreated from the principles themselves have always been proud of. We are a nation known for its compassion got in trouble. And especially in one that can cling to each unexpected death grip. On setx field along the boards and then “ran” the inscription: thanks to the doctors.

Why, if you remember about the doctors, with virus fighting, I forgot about the sick people, in this case about the players, they affected?