A successful entrepreneur and the faculty director is now coming with a harsh criticism of the government’s corona strategy.

Rigmanden says Enrico Krog Iversen, and he is the director of the funen robotvirksomhed OnRobot.

He believes that the price of the saved life with the current strategy is far, far too high:

“We have a limited financial scope, so one may well ask itself how much it should cost, for example, to extend the life of a terminal patient in some months”.

“It must then be compared to that of danes lose their jobs, their business and must go from house and home. That children must see their mother and father quarrelling over economic issues and more to get a sip of the thirst. It is also a consequence of an economic crisis,” says Enrico Krog Iversen.

Thus connect himself with the business people and economists who are beginning to ask themselves critical of the government’s corona strategy, if the main element is to shut Denmark down to avoid further contamination.

Fear is a health care system to its knees without the ability to treat the critically ill.

As it stands now, the economic impact too violent, believe Enrico Krog Iversen, and he refers among other things to the rise in unemployment and bankruptcies. On well two weeks is the unemployment rate in Denmark, for example, has increased with 42.847 persons due to corona-the crisis.

The 80-year-old actress Asger Aamund gave the other day in the B. T. expression of something similar. He believes that it has been a mistake to shut down the Denmark right down.

Also from sundhedsøkonomer there is criticism. To Kristeligt Dagblad says sundhedsøkonom and professor Kjeld Møller Pedersen University of Southern denmark, to the current effort with a three-digit milliardregning to save human life ‘from a cool calculation well enough, some expensive life’.

Although Enrico Krog Iversen is not known in the general public, then he is not a hr. who any time. In 2015, he was to sell robotvirksomhed Universal Robots to an american company for the whole 2.3 billion crowns.

he has Now so started a new robotfirma, OnRobot, as from the headquarters in Odense supply the industry with components for robots.

Right now is OnRobot not one of the companies that are hardest hit. But Enrico Krog Iversen fears of a prolonged crisis, which hit all – including his own business.

the Crisis is, he believes, is reinforced by a closure made entirely without public debate.

“It has very large human consequences for those who get caught up in it here. Seen from my chair we have some elderly and infirm, as we need to protect. But instead of isolating the few percent that is at risk, then isolate the 100 percent,” says Enrico Krog Iversen, and continues:

“It happened completely without, that it has been debated whether it is the right thing to do. Usually takes to fat where the problem is and then do something about it. Here do you do the whole society to the problem.”

health experts from the world health organization (WHO) has also recommended that the coronaindsatsen concentrate on the test and then get a grip on those infected and their entourage – and not only to close the society down.

At Wednesday’s press conference was center director in the Health board Helene Probst asked whether the agency has plans in greater use of the test in the fight against coronavirus.

“We take all the time position to the new recommendations from the WHO. It is important to have in mind when you look at the national plans. But of course, we’re looking for our things and seek knowledge from the outside. We are very responsive, and each time there is something new coming up, we take it seriously, said Helene Probst.

the Closure of the Denmark valid until further notice after easter.