With the drives has put Opel in the Facelift for the Astra, once again a powerful witness: five different engines (1.2 – and 1.4-l gasoline engine with 110, 130 and 145 HP and the 1.5 l Diesel with 105 and 122 HP) should continue to offer the 100 g/km CO2 limit. “We don’t want a CO2-pay penalties,” says chief engineer Matthias Alt.

This target is not achievable only with a measure: in addition to the reduction of internal friction l can be, for example, in the 1.2-petrol engine 100 screws used less, which brings up to six pounds less weight. In addition, all petrol engines get variable valve timing. These are supplemented-saving efforts through a louver in the grille for optimum aerodynamics as well as improved or new transmission (e.g., 9-speed automatic).

investment in the future

But what happens with the motors, if the new Opel Astra will be built in 2021 on the PSA EMP2 platform? Put the Opel engineers for the cat stuff, because the current Astra is still on the GM D2-architecture? “No,” is the chief engineer Matthias Alt, the all-clear. “This technology will live on.” Thus, the next Astra Generation of these improvements in benefits.

But has done not only with the drives, even when it comes to Infotainment a lot. The Astra-Navi now processed traffic information, and on the Eight-inch screen, Parking or petrol prices are displayed. The front camera recognizes newly pedestrian, and the adaptive cruise control works in Stop-and-go traffic. However, we do not find that the Astra-Infotainment and the digitisation achieved the high level of competition (e.g., Kia C’eed) yet.

proven good

remains In Astra-space does not change much: On one of the comfortable Seats at Opel traditionally travel in comfort and in the rear, adults will find a good place. A praise deserves the low loading sill and flat load floor. This does not change even if you umklappt the Backrests of the rear bench and the Luggage compartment volume of 540 to 1630 liters increased.

Starting in November, the revised Astra is at the dealer: The five-door starts from 23’850 francs (1.2-l gasoline engine), the station wagon Sports Tourer will cost 1000 francs more.