Facebook will allow employees to work remote throughout the summer

“the Majority of Facebook employees are lucky they will be able to work productively from home, so we feel responsible for the fact that people will have access to General public resources,” wrote Zuckerberg in his post on Facebook, expressing hope that these measures will help to contain the spread COVID-19, which ultimately will allow the company to quickly resume your work.

At the same time, according to Zuckeberg Facebook employees themselves must make their choice: either they work from home, at least until the end of may and then in case of cancellation isolation mode to return to the offices, or Express a desire, for one reason or another, to continue working from home for the summer. In addition, the company has decided to cancel all business trips for employees within the United States and abroad until June this year.

a Statement Zuckerberg is the latest of a series of steps taken by Facebook to protect its employees in response to pandemic coronavirus. For the last two months Facebook has canceled thousands annual conference for software developers F8, transferred most employees to work in remote access mode. At the same time, such employees were paid a monthly bonus of $ 1,000 for their work at home and care for children. In addition, the company provided employees the opportunity to collectively communicate by video on its website.