Facebook is experiencing a huge Hype. Both for the iPhone as for Android devices, it is currently the most downloaded application.

it is already 2017, but since celebrities like Rapper Drake, the Band, Jonas Brothers, the actor from “The Fast and the Furious” Star-chef Gordon Ramsay, or SRF-presenter Nik Hartmann you use, the numbers of users through the ceiling. Hundreds of millions around the world have downloaded Facebook.

The fascinating thing about the App: The Software is modified photos so clever, that it recognizes the Manipulation barely. So it suddenly looks 40 years older or much younger. You can virtually change hairstyles or Make-up or even the gender switch and put a Smile to my face.

privacy advocates warn that Each photo is uploaded

But now privacy advocates and experts Alarm. Because every photo is edited, is the Russian Software company has uploaded, which has developed the App. And, as soon as one selects an image from his gallery, no matter whether to save it or share or deletes it. While iPhone users pointed out, is not the case of Android, the case.

What happens to the data? These are sold and even abusive more? The answer to that is unclear, and also depends on whether you believe Facebook CEO Yaroslav Goncharov Wireless Lab from St. Petersburg.

The Problem: as soon As you use the application, you agree automatically to the privacy statement and the terms and conditions (GTC). Not trustworthy is not that we find this in the App, but only on the website of the provider, as well as completely hidden in the download pages, that is to say in the Apple App Store or the Play Store of Google.

photos and data can give Facebook more

The small print of it. Facebook collects the photos also user data and, among other things, users will switch to custom advertising. The data can be given according to the “Privacy Policy” of even more, such as all companies within the group, future partners or a new owner.

in Addition, Facebook can use the photos for commercial purposes. Images that you delete yourself, you can still be on the provider’s servers are stored.

“Forbes”Journalist Thomas Brewster had been in contact with the hard-to-reach Facebook-in-chief. This assured that the Server with the images are in Russia, but in the case of Google and Amazon in the USA, in Ireland and in Singapore. In addition, no data would be sold and only the images uploaded, you choose to edit.

most of The images are deleted according to the founder, within 48 hours from the servers again. Who wants to go on to write the operators in the in the App on the settings, then click Support and look under “bug report” a message with the words “Privacy”.

Nevertheless, the concerns are great, especially in the United States. The democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has asked the Federal police, the FBI and the trade Commission FTC officially, to inspect the App as a threat to national security and privacy.

Is Facebook worse than other applications?

The big fear of the critics: That in the wrong hands. Possible that would be, because it gives the Russian company, in principle, far-reaching rights.

Facebook Users need to be aware of this when you edit pictures with it. If you want to use the program under these conditions, everyone must know yourself.

but There are also voices that hold Facebook harmless. About the experts from Check Point, an Israeli company, almost all of the main a hundred companies supplies the world with security software.

Here it means, that Facebook accesses in contrast to other Apps, only on those areas of the smartphone, which it also needs for the processing of the images. That is, overall, not too many data is collected and transferred via secure channels.