Facebook has earned in the last quarter, despite ongoing criticism, the Online network shiny and user gained. The Surplus increased year on year by 19 percent to 6.1 billion dollars (5.5 billion euros). The revenues grew, driven by the booming advertising revenue by 29 percent to 17.7 billion dollars.

The number of monthly active Facebook users take to

In this case, the Online network is actually severely under pressure before the next US presidential election there are accusations that the group of Mark Zuckerberg don’t take enough against the dissemination of Propaganda and fake news. Twitter on Wednesday that the pressure on Facebook was a little stronger: The smaller competitor got out of the business with the dissemination of political messages as advertising.

The number of monthly active Facebook users grew within a period of three months from 2.41 to 2.45 billion. Daily, approximately 1.62 billion users to come to Facebook. Together with other Offers such as WhatsApp or Instagram 2.2 billion users access it every day, now a day, services of the group. The number of users grew in all regions of the world, after Facebook had weakened in the past year temporarily in Europe, easily.

North America remains the most important market

North America remained by far the most important market for Facebook with Revenues of nearly 34 dollars per user. In Europe, the value stagnated at around 10.5 dollars per user, as the Internet giant announced on Wednesday after US stock exchange conclusion in Menlo Park, California.

Facebook exceeded its Numbers as the expectations of the analysts. The stock rose in premarket trading on Thursday by more than four percent.

More employees in the case of Facebook

The number of employees of Facebook grew up alone within a period of three months to just under 3400 on a good 43 000. The Online network provides, among others, continue to be in style and people, the content, and in the case of rule violations, to delete.

Since Facebook has come to the attention of US competition investigations, took Zuckerberg on the conference call to argue against a possible spin-off of the photo platform Instagram. At the time of the Takeover in 2012, has not been far from sure that the service will be successful and that he had reached today’s Size of one billion users thanks to Facebook, said Zuckerberg. When you purchase Instagram had only 30 million users, and many competitors. “I had set as a goal, that Instagram might one day reach 100 million people,” said the Facebook CEO. (sda)