her long red hair she is wearing open, your blue eyes Shine when you Talk about the sentences just spill out from her rock star Fabienne Erni (26) could also be a Celtic book of fairytales. Already visually, it fits perfectly to your mystical music.

The Sensitivity at the beginning of 2017, the singer of the Folk Metal group Eluveitie, the abroad most successful Swiss Band. Over 1500 concerts in 75 countries, has played the troupe so far. On Youtube, your music clicking videos over 100 million Times. This year’s tour takes you through Europe, China and Australia.

Disney Songs on the toilet

“Singing is for me like the air you Breathe,” says Erni. “I sing always and everywhere: in the shower, while cooking. Only when I’m with the guys on Tour, I go for my vocal samples on the toilet, so I don’t constantly annoy,” she says, laughing. In the quiet Village of you is trolling then Disney and Musical Songs. “My great love ballads are,” says Erni.

But also the Songs of Eluveitie, some of which are Metal-bowl, then again delicate Folk, like the trained harpist who meditate in their spare time and Yoga makes. “I sing these powerful Songs like insane. You kidnap me and the Fans in a world of its own.”

men are waiting to concerts with roses

Despite the great success of their Band Fabienne Erni is also still available for private performances at weddings book. “I’m not too bad, even on a small scale.”

your own groom has not found the 26-Year-old. “I’m happier Single.” To the delight of her male Fans, the wait for performances, often with red roses on it. However, Erni says “With a Fan, I would get together.” This is despite the rock-star cliché too serious type.