there was an air of chaos, on October 5, 2014, at the circuit of Suzuka. On this track, which has so often marked the history of F1, where Prost and Senna had clung, when Häkkinen took the best of Schumacher (1998) and Vettel won his first title (in 2011), torrential rains fall ceaselessly. The route hilly Suzuka was like hell, like ten years ago, when Damon Hill had fought a battle every moment in the face of Michael Schumacher.

This October Sunday, the tension is palpable in the pits and among the race marshals. Is it really necessary to give the start of the Grand Prix when the visibility is reduced, and that the track like a skating rink ? It is finally decided that the cars race behind the safety car. But, from the 2nd lap, the drivers returned to the stand after the head-to-tail of Marcus Ericsson. Then there is a safe bet that the number of european viewers – necessarily buffs (it is a little bit over 7 o’clock in the morning) – have already returned to bed.

After twenty minutes of interruption, the cars return to the track, still as little visible to the viewers and always dangerous for the drivers. The attention focuses on the battle for the victory between the two pilots Mercedes. Quickly, Hamilton increases the gap to Rosberg. The suspense dissipates, not the thick dark sky, and cloudy.

Bianchi, the mystery before the dread

By the end of the race, while it remains less than a dozen laps, the rain redoubles in intensity. Behind a screen, the Grand Prix becomes a strange spectacle where one can barely distinguish the cars because of the many water splashes. Suddenly everything accelerates. Adrian Sutil put his Sauber into a wall of tires. Two laps later, the stewards announced that Jules Bianchi retires.

The information appears on a banner, but at no time a slow motion shows the car of the French. The seconds and the minutes pass and the doubt grows : in the paddock, it is known that the FIA has all the images – the broadcasters do not have the hand on the choice of angles and images broadcast during the race – and not the show is sometimes more speaking than to reveal everything. Something serious has happened to Jules Bianchi. But what ?

The images glaçantes of the crash

The race is interrupted and the ceremony of the podium with Hamilton featured runs largely in the background. While the anthems of great britain (for the driver) and German (for Mercedes) is heard, the rumor of the transfer of Jules Bianchi to the hospital by ambulance. The information begins to be relayed in the media and a few clarifications are made : the French lost control of his car and went under a truck. Suffering from head trauma, the driver is long operated.

Quickly, the images of the crash for the Marussia from an amateur video on a world tour. They are glaçantes : the car fits more than 213 km/h as the tow truck, causing a shock of 92 g at the head of the driver at the time of colliding with the device. The controversy swells on the level of safety in F1 and the measures to be put in place. Jules Bianchi, to him, is well away from these endless discussions.

Charles Leclerc, the heir

the One who struggled to earn a seat at Ferrari must now fight to stay alive. His father, who had passed on the passion for the sport auto on the kart track family, and his relatives find it at the hospital in Yokkaichi, where Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Jean-Eric Vergne and Fernando Alonso come to the support. Fifteen days later, the family announces that Jules Bianchi, placed on an artificial respirator, is in a critical condition, but stable. In mid-November, he was transferred in the intensive care unit of the centre hospitalier universitaire of Nice. For nine months, the driver remains in a coma, before dying on July 17, 2015.

the image of the moving ceremony in the cathedral of Sainte-Réparate de Nice, where Vettel, Grosjean, Massa and Vergne bear his coffin, the world of F1 is crying one of his sons, the first pilot to die in the race since Ayrton Senna in 1994. The following weekend, all to be found in Hungary. Vettel is a must and the loose on the radio, in French in the text : “Thank you, Jules, this victory is for you. You will always be in our hearts. “Four years later, the F1 has not forgotten. His great friend, Charles Leclerc, to whom he has made his first laps of karting at 3 years old, has resumed the thread of his story and will be driving next season for Ferrari, the dream of Jules Bianchi.

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