In London, will be presented on Thursday evening, the brand new multi-part Netflix documentary of the formula 1 – “Drive to survive”–. As of Friday, the series, which was filmed during the last season to be running, the Streaming service.

At the presentation, it is also formula-1-sport-in-chief Ross Brawn. The 64-year-old Briton speaks about Mick Schumacher (19), the son of record-breaking world champion Michael Schumacher (50), which runs this year in the formula 2.

“Mick’s single-minded,” says

Brawn, that the Apple never falls far from the tree. About Mick, he says: “He is determined and it is fascinating how he has become in the last year in the formula 3 competitive. We saw it again at the first Test in formula 2 in Barcelona.”

He also draws a flattering comparison to Schumacher senior. Brawn says: “I have known Mick since he was a little Boy. Sometimes I look at him and see Michael in front of me.” With Michael Brawn has celebrated several world champion titles with Ferrari.

“this guy is a print”

weighs so Mick Can enter maybe one day even in the big F1 footsteps of his father? Brawn, it does not exclude, but does not want to put too much pressure.

“That would be wonderful, but this guy charged with a pressure. I hope that the spectators have in mind, and not to create unrealistic expectations in him,” he says. The F2 season starts on the last weekend of March with the Bahrain GP. (rib)