What a farewell: 61’000 Fans to experience the last GP of Germany with 77 pit stops, departures of the two Mercedes pilots, and a spectacular comeback from Sebastian Vettel once again a race for the history books.

in fact, Vettel behind winner Max verse may fall also to adopt as the winner from Hockenheim ring. From the start space 20 and he is plowing in his Ferrari through the field to second place. It is something like the resurrection of the choice-Thurgauers, has been a season to Forget behind: most of the time the Speed is missing him regularly, he is released from team-mate Leclerc under pressure and then can join in as well as in Montreal and Silverstone driver error.

Not so on Sunday. As Vettel shows on the wet track, those qualities, which were once at Red Bull, the quadruple world champion. As one of the Top pilots, he commits no driving errors. But why the 32-Year-old with difficult circumstances copes so much better than the competition? “The indicator were the spectators, without a joke,” says Vettel after the race in an Interview with “RTL”.

“I’ve only kept the Hand out of the car. The droplets were relatively large. It felt like it was damp still relatively. It looked as if it would be dry. Then I started to look at the audience if the have put up the umbrellas or not. And the were all gone. So I thought, how bad could it be. No one will volunteer so wet.”

Vettel changes, in consultation with the Ferrari-Box after 47 of 64 laps on dry tyres. But most of all the help he gets in the final phase of Mercedes. As Bottas in his car he throws out the Safety Car comes out for the fifth Time, and collects the field again. Thus, the seventh lying Vettel can unlock, and in the last five free rounds of its race to catch up, on dry slopes up to the second place finish. The Motodrom rages on how to best Schumi-times.

Brings Hockenheim, even the big turnaround in the world Cup? Still, Vettel’s gap to Hamilton is 84 points. And this week I will be going in Budapest, where the Briton with six triumphs the victory record.

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