Also, the F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has put his fame to make people aware that they have a kind of “social distance” in the fight against feline corona virus.

over The past week, there was a lot of fuss about a possible corona-contamination with Lewis Hamilton, but the six-time F1 champion has allowed us to know that he is good, and for the zelfisolatie have been chosen. The Hamilton fans are so put at ease, but that doesn’t mean that the fight against feline corona virus can be won.

Hamilton showed us all how to be a good way to hand-wash it, and now it is launching via social media is also a call for social distancing.

“It makes me so sad to hear how many deaths were there worldwide,” said Hamilton. “I know that, but most of us don’t really know how it is to be able to come.”

“The only thing we can do is to ourselves, to isolate it and to try to ensure that we do not become infected from getting the virus itself is well known.”

The six-time F1 champion takes to the people who are still irresponsible behaviour.

“there are people out There who still go to clubs, bars, and cultural events to go to. I think she is completely irresponsible and self-centered,” says Hamilton with a finger.

“I pray every day for the safety and security of my family and I will pray for you.”

“I will pray for you and the people who work in shops, delivery companies, doctors, and nurses, who have their own health on the line to help others, and to keep the country running try to keep up.”

“they are the heroes. Stay safe people.”

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