Groß-Buchholz (Hannover) – The long corridor behind the Central hospital, and On the sides of countless patients beds, in the larger corridor areas oxygen bottles. Doctors, nurses, and orderlies are in Alarm readiness. The Medical College has been upgraded to Corona.

Since the emergency plan entered into force, coordinates the hospital-use line (KEL) for all measures. There are a total of MHH around 150 intensive care beds. The infectious unit (20 beds) is suitable for Corona-patients, especially, has its own space-air technology, an effluent treatment. And a lock, from the no contaminated air can leak out Wait. It was originally designed for, e.g., Ebola patients.

The doctors show the oxygen bottles, the fast for the ventilation of Corona patients photo: MHH/web editor

Dr. Bastian rings of the KEL can be: “Before the er, we distribute the incoming patients to ensure a clean hygienic separation.” Because in addition to Corona-patients, even in “normal” cases and emergencies for example, accidents to come there.

in the Meantime, all hospitals are of lower Saxony and Bremen in real-time via the computer program IVENA networked. Here is all the info to run that clinic, how much can accommodate intensive-care patients, which devices are needed.