“the Establishment of a special regime caused by increased demand on the global food market related to the formation of reserves by many countries to achieve food security against the background of the coronavirus. Before harvesting a new crop in the Union it is necessary to provide sunflower seeds for the domestic market, warning education possible deficit,” – said the Minister for trade of the EEC Andrey Slepnyov.

thus, according to experts of the EEC, the capacities for production of sunflower oil in the EEU created enough, so the fear of overstocking or of the formation of excessively low prices for the products from consumers raw material is not necessary. Given that Russia is one of the largest exporters in this market, this measure is able to further stimulate the processing of sunflower seeds with the subsequent sale abroad of ready-made products, confident in the ECE.

Recall that the prohibition of exports of sunflower seeds from Russia outside the EAEU was established by decision of the EEC from 12 April to 30 June. The initiative came from Russian oil and fat Union, which hoped that the closures will stop its rapid export and stabilize the prices of sunflower seeds on the domestic market. According to the “Center of agrobaltika” (subordinated to the Ministry of agriculture) supply of seeds abroad since the beginning of the season at the beginning of June was 1.14 million tons (5.9 times more than in the previous year). The cost of sunflower seeds increased by 17% year-on-year. At the beginning of June, the average price amounted to 21.9 thousand rubles per ton.