Entrepreneurs who sell their products abroad will be able to receive a range of services to support foreign exchange transactions. This was possible thanks to the agreement of the Moscow export centre (YEC) with the Bank Point branch of the Bank “OTKRITIE”. In the framework of the pilot project of capital of exporters will be available full currency support, maintenance, settlement and currency accounts and foreign exchange control within three months.

under the agreement customers of the Bank, among export-oriented companies can use financial and non-financial support measures of the Moscow export centre when entering foreign markets. Entrepreneurs who open a current account before 30 June, will provide free service for three months. For the same period, the Bank donated will provide a range of services for full exchange support and control of the account including services of a personal currency assistant. Specialist will fill out all the necessary information will put the contract on record, warning of possible risks potential violations and will help to prevent them.

to take part in pilot programs existing exporters of goods, concluded in the last 12 months at least one contract for the supply of products abroad. The company must be registered in Moscow and pay taxes in the capital budget for at least six months. Learn more about the conditions of the program on a special page.

Moscow export centre established by the Government of Moscow. He works with entrepreneurs in the field of financial and non-financial measures of support and promotion of capital goods producers to foreign markets. Key tasks of METS increased number of the Moscow exporters and realization of projects for the effective development of their foreign trade activities.