Yesterday, Wednesday, 11. September GC via media release, the bomb burst, the branded already the evening before, according to the ticked: Fredy Bickel (54), by his first and last name since birth as a GC Fan, is Relegated from the 1. October, the new managing Director, based in the sports Commission. The former interim head of sports, Paul Bolle village must go to the end of the year.

Bickel and Forte can go really well? And how Fortes Einflüsterer Erich Vogel (80), due to Bickel 20 days behind bars sass behaves? “Everyone has his backpack, but we have no fear,” says GC interim President Andras Gurovits to VIEW.

Bickel, Forte, and bird, an explosive relationship

in 1965, baptisms Bickel’s parents their son in Zurich Säuliamt in the name of Alfred, an allusion to the eponymous GC-legend Alfred “Fredy” Bickel (1999), seven-time world champion and eight-time Cup winner with GC.

the 27-Fredy Bickel, the Second starts at GC and his Management career. Under the protective Hand of the former sports leader Erich bird. After a short, unsuccessful stint in the accounting Bickel’s press Secretary, later Transfer coordinator and then as personal assistant of a bird.

Bickel and the Grasshoppers, that fits. But only at first glance.

In March 1999, Bickel will be dismissed after a failed coup attempt against bird by the head of sports. 20 years later the return is now. In between Bickel and very successful-sports-in-chief at city rivals FC Zurich, is three times winners of the Cup champion, for once, listen to the Letzigrund, the Champions League anthem.

Bickel, 2013, the head of sports, when YB is nicks he of his old love GC coach Uli Forte, who celebrated with the Hoppers just the Cup race victory. What is bumping at the time, especially the GC-Fans (except for Fredy Bickel) pretty mad.

Forte is expected to the public with Bickel from

After three draws to start the season and missed the Champions League qualification against AS Monaco, fires Bickel YB-coach Forte at the beginning of August 2015, to chew on including Forte long. More still: The Coach out publicly against Bickel, settles with his former superiors.

Now the two are together again. Forte plays the Conciliatory. “We need strong and experienced people in our club. Fredy is one of those. We’ve had our differences, but that’s in the past. I look forward to working with him,” says the Trainer in the GC-media communication.

And how forgiving Fortes fathers Advisor, Erich Vogel (80) in terms of Fredy Bickel voted? Reminder: After a dispute with Bickel in September 2013 (bird advised a game Advisor who wanted Bickel of money) had a bird came 20 days in jail, finally, but with a conditional fine of 13 500 Swiss francs, of which.

At the request of a VIEW does not want to speak bird to return to Bickel’s yesterday.

Forte: “Fredy is a good guy,”

interim Boss Gurovits says: “to do As far as Uli Forte with Erich Vogel, I don’t know personally, has, I know. But that’s not a huge strain on our relationship here at GC. And between Uli Forte and Fredy Bickel have previously been in intensive discussions. Both have been extremely responsive cool and professional. Uli said, Fredy is a good guy.”

Fortes contract with the GC will run until 2021. In a climb it will be extended by one year.