On Easter Sunday, meet explosions in different Parts of Sri Lanka, several churches and Hotels. According to information the police are at least complain with 185 deaths. Among the dead were 35 foreigners. Hundreds more people were injured.

The Swiss Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA) has so far declared no evidence of Swiss victims as spokeswoman Noémie Charton at the request of a VIEW. The Swiss representation in Sri Lanka was in contact with the local authorities.

suicide bombers carried out

The explosions took place within half an hour. Hours later, two more explosions occurred. Apparently it was a coordinated Terror attacks, which were at least partially carried out by suicide bombers. So far, no group has made a commitment.

Of explosions, three luxury hotels and a Church in the capital city of Colombo have been taken. Further explosions rocked a Church in Negombo, near Colombo, as well as a Church in Batticaloa in the East of the country.

at Least one Person was killed in an Explosion in the Restaurant of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, as an employee of the news Agency AFP reported. The Hotel is located in the vicinity of the residence of the heads of government.

The first explosions of the series were reported in the churches of St. Anthony in Colombo and St. Sebastian in the outside of the capital, nearby place, Negombo. To be celebrated the time when the believers just the Easter fair.

curfew, blocking of Social Media

Several hours later, the seventh Explosion occurred at a small Hotel near the zoo of the city of Dehiwala close to the capital. Two people were killed, according to the news Agency AFP in reference to the police reports.

it is reported, The eighth Explosion, in the suburb of Dematagoda in Colombo, was a short time later.

The government has now imposed a nationwide curfew. In addition, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp in Sri Lanka have been blocked.

“Cowardly attacks”

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe writes on Twitter: “I condemn these cowardly attacks today on our people in the strongest possible terms. I appeal in this tragic Moment for all Sri Lankans to unite and be strong.”

Sri Lankan Minister for economic reform, Harsha de Silva writes on Twitter by numerous Victims, among them foreigners. He calls upon the public to remain calm and to stay at home.

26 years of civil war

The South Asian island state is a popular tourist destination for Europeans. Only about seven percent of the population are Christians. The majority are Buddhists.

Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war was passed in 2009. The rebel group, the liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had fought for an independent Tamil state in the North of the country. The army defeated the insurgents, finally, with all the hardness. The UN accuses both sides of war crimes. (noo/SDA)