In a residential building in the East of the country were found Islamists on Friday night, when alleged in addition, materials for making bombs and a drone, the police announced.

The security forces also discovered a flag of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) and clothes, which could stem from an alleged claim of responsibility video, the assassin from the Easter Sunday that had the common voice of the IS. Seven young Muslims were arrested.

Shortly thereafter, the police officers and soldiers in the vicinity wanted to search another two houses were in one of the buildings three explosions. Subsequently, shots were fired at the forces. It is a two-hour shootout. According to initial Reports, there was at least one injured with gunshot wounds.

Several suspected terrorists have been hiding. The place of action is located not far from the town of Batticaloa, where on Easter Sunday, a Church attacked.

The police had previously reported about a new attack plans by Islamists in the island state.

The “Lonely Planet” had declared Sri Lanka finally, the Top travel destination this year. A major international biodiversity conference of the countries of the CITES agreement, which was to be held in may in Sri Lanka, was delayed due to the attacks.

Sri Lanka police announced that the Islamists under the leadership of the hate preacher Mohammed Zaharan secret service information, according to the mosques, the Sufi – a flow in the Islamic mystical traditions – were going to attack.

radical Islamists Sufi-followers look at because of their tolerance of other religions as enemies. The safety precautions on Sufi-mosques have been increased, according to police. Only in a few Islamic houses of worship Friday prayers were held.

Zaharan – Zaharan Hashim called – is regarded as a leader of the group National Thowheeth Jamaath, which is made for the attacks of Easter Sunday responsible. He blew himself up, according to the government in one of the Hotels in Colombo in the air.

The U.S. Embassy in Colombo had already been warned prior to the attack plans, and reminded to avoid houses of worship from Friday to Sunday. Also, tourist destinations, airports, Hotels, hospitals, Restaurants, markets and other public places could be targets, it said. Schools and universities should only be on 6. May re-open.

Although dozens of Suspects were in custody, some were still at large. The police asked the population to information on six Wanted – four men and two women.

Nine native committing suicide bombers, including a woman, had on Easter Sunday attacks on three Christian churches and three luxury hotels. Finally, the talk had been of 359 deaths. The Ministry of health revised the number late Thursday evening, but on 253 to the bottom. The number of injured has now been specified with 149 instead of the previous 485.

The explanation for the significant correction sounds scary: By the force of the explosions, there have been to many parts of the body to the dead count. Open the question of why, under these circumstances, always new, exact Figures to be released had been remained. Also, if at the least to 40 increase in the number of foreign deaths changed something that was initially unclear.

The authorities of the island state had already submitted before, not a good figure. Indian secret services had already been more than two weeks prior to Easter, notes on attack plans, and very specific: you were given the names and known locations of the attack planner as well as the goals and the date of the planned attacks.

remained as to Why the evidence is ignored, is the big question. Some experts judge that the security forces could not have held such a large plot is simply possible – especially since there had been no significant violence in Sri Lanka is a relatively small minority of Christians.

“I think part of the explanation is that the leadership of the country is currently in turmoil,” tweeted Amarnath Amarasingam, a canadian extremism researchers of sri Lankan origin. “Basically, the Prime Minister and the President hate each other.”

President Maithripala Sirisena had dismissed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at the end of last year, surprisingly. Wickremesinghe did not accept the. After the country had seven weeks of no generally recognized government, won the Premier of the power struggle at the Supreme court, and remained in office.

government members of Wickremesinghes party defendant after the attacks, since some of the security agencies, the President Sirisena, to be about matters of national security left in the dark. Sirisena also acts as Minister of defense.

Sirisena dismissed the police chief of the country, as well as a high-ranking official in the Ministry of defence. He made you responsible for the fact that he himself was only an hour after the first explosions in social media from the Point. The two men had just pushed “papers back and forth,” said Sirisena on Friday at a Meeting with representatives of the media.