In The Hague is, it came on Sunday in a residential building to a Gasxplosion. The building collapsed and buried several people under the rubble.

specialists at the fire Department informed that evening, that under the rubble in the three-storey building for at least another man: He is alive and I can contact him.

The rescue work was difficult because the house was close to collapsing. The entire front end was collapsed and partially on the two in front of the house parked cars crashed. The Ceiling collapsed on each other.

“Terrible misfortune”

Considerable damage also occurred in the adjacent Parts of the residential complex, where parts of the outer walls had moved. The fire Department also raided these houses for possible Victims. In the wide radius of the accident scene shards of glass layers: a number of Windows had been smashed.

The mayor of The Hague, Pauline Krikke, spoke of a “terrible accident” and assured the Victims of quick help. (SDA/hah)