Exploding lip almost blinded woman

a Terrible story happened to a resident of the English town of Stockport: it has exploded the lip, pumped to an inept doctor. The result is a young woman almost went blind.

according to the Sun, the 25-year-old Jessica myott, hoping to become more beautiful, applied in cosmetics clinic, so she adjusted the mouth shape and cheeks. There she introduced three milliliters of filler in the lip. For this she paid 450 pounds sterling.

the next day the lip the woman was swollen and beginning to ache. In a beauty clinic where she underwent the procedure, was day off, so she had to go to a regular hospital. There doctors said that English women infection in the blood, and prescribed her antibiotics.

at night, However, malott again felt unbearable pain and suffocation. In addition, she felt a strong burning sensation in the eyes. The woman returned to the hospital, where she was recommended to other drugs.

A few days later, the upper lip myott burst. In result she had to undergo surgery. The woman was in the hospital for a week. After discharge, she received compensation in the amount of 2500 pounds.