The President of the United States Donald trump is not pursuing a coherent foreign policy towards Russia. This circumstance is due to the lack of a strategic approach to dealing with Moscow.

This is stated in an article published by the newspaper the Washington Post. The source, before held high office in the White house, noted that trump “doesn’t want Russia he was mistreated”.

Also the interlocutor of the edition emphasized that fans of trump, “think about a political figure who cares about US foreign policy” and knowledgeable about the history of us-Russian relations. However, the current occupant of the White house undermines a country’s foreign policy.

His disagreements with the administration about Russia mask the absence of a strategic approach to Moscow, the article notes.

Earlier reported that a native of Ukraine, Colonel Alexander Vindman, who testified against the President of the United States Donald trump on the case of impeachment, said that he had left the service. The reason was the injury of co-workers. He is confident that because of the performances on the court lost the opportunity to obtain the rank of Colonel.