Explained the unwillingness of the Russians to wear a mask in public areas

Leading researcher of the laboratory of social and cognitive psychology, Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences Anna Yusupova believes that the reluctance of some people to wear a mask in public places is an attempt to cope with anxiety. Words Yusupova quoting RIA Novosti.

According to her, denial is one of the most common reactions to anxiety. “It is terrible, do not want to recognize as objectively difficult situation, and care in the denial of simplifies the perception,” — said Yusupov.

Yusupova believes that these people do not solve the problem with a private concern, moreover, complicate the epidemiological situation.

She noted that another reason for this behavior might be distrust of official information. Yusupov cites the example of France, “where it was difficult to convince people to sit at home, and now, statistics on morbidity are higher than in Germany, where people are quickly followed by official recommendations.”

According to 26 April in the world is revealed to 2.89 million cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. From COVID-19 killed 202 thousand, 812 thousands of people recovered. In Russia revealed 74.6 thousand cases of infection, died 681 people.