“Over the past 20 years, the Union gave Belarus if not all, very much, and the withdrawal from it means the collapse of the modern Belarusian state”, – said the newspaper VIEW, the Minsk political analyst Alexei Jerman.

So he appreciated the call of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski refuse to integrate with Russia.

Svetlana Tikhanovski essentially acts against the interests of the Belarusian people, says political analyst Alexei Jerman.

“Her statement is nonsense. The project of the Union state, though it is not until the end of built, even if it is criticized – is the real basis for the development of our economy, Russia is a major market for Belarus. Union with Russia our Republic is obliged, in particular, and long-term “security umbrella”, – said Jerman.

The expert recalled that on August 3, the designated programme address of President Alexander Lukashenko to Parliament.

“most Likely, the President will confirm the course for integration with Russia. Obviously, with the condition defend Belarusian interests, but still it is a policy of Alliance and support of integration”, – said the source.

The analyst added that the subject of the annexation of Belarus to Russia are at the hearing – filing as the Western press and Russian media, calling to attach Belarus “provinces”.

“these media there is a mutual “pollination” to the West, and on this basis is forced unhealthy tension around the theme of integration. I don’t think Russia particularly have to join Belarus. Just enough to be a reliable and loyal ally. But we are constantly trying to knock heads together”, – said Jerman.

On Monday, the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski, which is considered the main rival of Lukashenka in the elections of August 9, called for secession from the Union with Russia.

“I believe that Belarus does not need the Federal government. Belarus should be independent state. We need normal international relations, no additional contracts are not necessary, – quotes its “”. – Then there is the extra temptation for someone somewhere to attach”.

In an interview with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Director of the CIS Institute Vladimir Zharikhin previously urged not to consider Tikhanovski a serious threat to Lukashenko.

“She’s Pro-Western person, who likes people in the center of Minsk, not more, – predicts analyst. – Tikhanovski will only get 3-4% of votes.”