the Main condition for the transportation of electronic devices in hand Luggage aircraft is a charged battery. This was stated in British Airways, writes Express.

the reason is that representatives of the airport security may require proof that the gadget is healthy and able to consistently function. In particular, they have the right to ask the owner to include electronics.

“If you cannot turn your device on demand, you are not allowed to take it on the plane”, — stated in the text. Thus, the experts make sure that the device is not dangerous and it is, for example, missing an explosive device.

Describes the rules relate, in particular, smartphones, tablets, music players, laptops as well as irons, hair dryers, hair iron, electric shavers or the electronic cigarettes.

on 14 may, a flight attendant, the founder of the blog about aviation TheFlyingPinto Sarah Kip revealed a sign of cleanliness provided on Board tourist facilities. According to her, most of the airline blankets and pillows are reused without prior cleaning, but the fact that they give the passenger in a special package with tag, can testify to their purity.