Explained the inevitability of the fall in housing prices in Moscow

In the medium term, Moscow developers will be forced to revise the pricing policy because of rising unemployment, falling real incomes and GDP decline. This is stated in the materials of CYAN, arrived in edition “Tapes.ru”.

Analysts do not expect a direct decrease in the cost of housing, but noted the inevitability of cuts in price tags. According to their forecasts, the company will introduce discounts, their size will be 8-10 percent. Today the average discount in new buildings of Moscow and Moscow region — 6 percent, according to CYANOGEN.

“the Observed reduction in supply of new buildings is unlikely to keep the cost of the, — experts explain. According to our estimates, constructed buildings in the Moscow region represented in the sale and remain in the “reserves” from developers about 180 thousand apartments. About 100 thousand lots in the buildings, which obtained approvals, but their sales haven’t begun.”

Unsold apartments in Moscow and Moscow region will last for two years of sales, analysts say, even while maintaining the pace of the housing at the level of 2019 (and excluding buildings that have not yet received the construction permit).

Earlier in April, it was reported that since the beginning of the isolation of the regime in Moscow has sharply increased the number of sellers of second homes ready after the recovery of sales to reduce the cost of their apartments. The standard size of discounts, which agree Muscovites — about 5-6 per cent.